Vehicular Jammers

Our vehicular jammers are freely configurable and seamlessly cover all scenarios, from self-protection to convoy protection.

We will be only too pleased to find an individual solution for you.

All vehicular jammers can be freely programmed using our DDS configuration software in order to individually customise the jamming performance of the systems and adapt to new scenarios or changes in the threat situation.


Convoy jammer

HP 3260 H

The HP 3260 H is our solution for the protection of military and VIP convoys. It offers maximum range and completely jams the entire spectrum of 20 MHz to 6 GHz.

The modular design of the system simplifies its maintenance and offers the option of extending the jammer by adding new frequency ranges at a later point in time.

The programming of the device with our in-house software and a wide selection of directional and omnidirectional antennae allow the use in differing scenarios. The HP 3260 H does not require additional cooling aggregates and uses the vehicle’s standard air-conditioning system.

Self-protection jammer

HP 3260 M

The HP 3260 M is the counterpart to our convoy jammers. It serves the self-protection of a vehicle and covers all common threat frequencies with its compact and robust design. It requires no external cooling and can be operated using 12 V and 24 V power supplies.

The system can thus be integrated into every type of civilian and military vehicle.

The device can be programmed using our in-house software or using a prepared USB stick.

Robot-compatible multi-purpose jammer

HP 3050 T

The HP 3050 T is a flexible system which lends itself to being transported by a robot and can be integrated into a vehicle as a fixed or removable installation.

The jammer is of modular design and allows coverage of a wide frequency spectrum or having an internal battery pack fitted; other advantages include simplified maintenance and the possibility for future extensions.

Simple configuration of the jammers

DDS controller software

All systems are pre-configured upon delivery and are ready for immediate use. Our comprehensive, Windows-based software solution is at your disposal for freely configuring our systems. In addition to programming the devices, the easy to operate graphic interface also allows data to be written to our USB sticks for programming the jammers in the field. The configuration options include setting the frequencies and the sweep times.

Further features include output power control and its distribution across the spectrum to be jammed, the programming of frequency gaps, point and sweep jamming, white noise, FM and AM. The software covers all jammers and the graphic interface dynamically adapts to your system. Profiles can be saved to the notebook provided.