Anti-Drone Jammers

The wide availability and simple control of commercial drones (UAS) makes them a popular tool for espionage, smuggling and terrorism.

For reliable and controlled defence against this threat, we can offer you a wide spectrum of products and solutions.

Shoulder-supported anti commercial drone gun

HP 47

The HP 47 was developed in response to the continually growing threat posed by commercial drones. Approaching drones can be stopped and forced to land in a controlled manner or be sent back to their starting point in order to seek out the pilot.

The system is extremely light, does not require any external components and can be comfortably operated from the shoulder. An optional tripod is also available for the HP 47.

The commercial drone relevant frequencies are already pre-programmed, the need for programming is thus eliminated.


HP 3050 T

The HP 3050 T is a flexible system which lends itself to being transported by a robot and can be integrated into a vehicle as a fixed or removable installation.

The jammer is of modular design and allows coverage of a wide frequency spectrum or having an internal battery pack fitted; other advantages include simplified maintenance and the possibility for future extensions.


HP 3055 T

The HP 3055 T was designed for tactical operations teams and can either be used manually by task forces or in combination with a robot. Vehicle-mounted operation is also possible. The jammer is provided with an integrated battery pack for portable operation but is also designed for operation with 12 VDC, 24 VDC or 90 - 250 VAC.

Optional external battery packs are also available. To maximise the flexibility of the system, the device can be programmed using our in-house software or using a prepared USB stick.

Flexible anti commercial drone system

HP 3962 h

The HP 3962 h is a flexible system and protects security-relevant facilities or events against a threat from commercial drones. The jammer can either be operated manually or can be connected to a drone detection system of your choice and be automatically operated; other frequency ranges can be optionally covered.

Undesirable interference can be prevented by an integrated power control or directional antennae. To maximise the flexibility of the system, the device can be programmed using our in-house software or using a prepared USB stick.

Stationary jammer network

H.P.'s iJaNet®

H.P.'s iJaNet® is a self-regulating and self-monitoring jamming network that suppresses all manner of cellular activity, e.g. call setup, text messages or data services in security-critical environments like prisons by interrupting undesirable connection attempts.

The jamming signals can be limited to a specific area, in order not to affect the requirements of the respective telecommunications authority.

Multi-lingual programming software


All systems are pre-configured upon delivery and are ready for immediate use. Our comprehensive, Windows-based software solution is at your disposal for freely configuring our systems. In addition to programming the devices, the easy to operate graphic interface also allows data to be written to our USB sticks for programming the jammers in the field. The configuration options include setting the frequencies and the sweep times.

Further features include output power control and its distribution across the spectrum to be jammed, the programming of frequency gaps, point and sweep jamming, white noise, FM and AM. The software covers all jammers and the graphic interface dynamically adapts to your system. Profiles can be saved to the notebook provided.