iJaNet® - the intelligent prison jammer network

iJaNet® is a mobile communications detection and mobile communications suppression system of the latest generation. It covers the entire frequency range of 700 MHz to 2.8 GHz as well as 5 GHz.

iJaNet® is designed as a broadband system and is provided with hardware reserves. The mobile communications suppression system can be configured via software interfaces, so that future frequencies and services, available after a frequency auction in 2018, can easily be incorporated into the system. Integration into control and security centres is also possible via interfaces.

As a modular mobile communications suppression system, it adapts flexibly to the spatial and technical requirements of the respective prison and thus also grows with the requirements of the prison. It is even possible to detect and suppress WLAN 802.11 a in the 5 GHz range and to detect drones.

iJaNet® is decentralised and semi-autonomous due to its intelligent architecture. If part of the mobile communications suppression system fails, the functionality of the overall system remains intact.

Further Information / Source: http://www.iabg.de/business-fields/infocom/ijanet/

iJaNet® System description

Functionalities at a glance

Permanent and blanket detection of (mobile) communications activities, e.g. call setup, messaging and data services
Targeted, temporary jamming/suppression of the (mobile) communications activities after successful detection
Locating the (mobile) communications device, alerting the personnel and provision of position information on a single operator station
Logging and archiving system and event data in a database; e.g. detections, blockings, system faults and position data
Protection against manipulation through setting up the equipment outside the access of the detainees and self-testing the functionality and alerting of possible faults; e.g. failure of a device or opening of a device
Investment protection through modular design and easy expandability of the system; introducing new (mobile) communications standards and technological advances without conversion measures, e.g. LTE
Self-regulation and self-monitoring; limited time and location of the jamming signal, no undesirable radiation emissions

Your gain

Permanent and blanket detection of (mobile) communications activities
Targeted, temporary jamming/suppression after successful detection (adjustable)
Spatial location of the mobile communications device
Alerting the personnel
Presentation of position information at the operator station

Our pledge

Bundesnetzagentur (Federal Network Agency) approved system
Emission protection tested by the Technical Inspection Authority TÜV Nord
Fulfils 26th Federal Immission Control Ordinance
Reference installations in multiple prisons
Patent-protected architecture

Reactive jammer network


iJaNet® is a self-regulating and self-monitoring jamming network that suppresses all manner of cellular activity, e.g. call setup, text messages or data services in security-critical environments like prisons by interrupting undesirable connection attempts.

The jamming signals can be limited to a specific area, in order not to affect the requirements of the respective telecommunications authority.