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The Premise
After carrying out an extensive market research and expert interviews with government authorities and telecommunication network agencies and their requirements HP developed a concept for an in- tegrated self-regulating jamming and detection network to prevent all mobile phone communication inside of correctional facilities.
This concept combines all requirements of public agencies, telecommunication network agencies and the latest and most advanced system solution on the market to block all occurring cell phone communication.

The Objective
Putting this concept into practice with special focus on the self regulation of the transmitting and receiving devices via a control system, to create an autonomous and reliable system solution.

The Integrated Carceral Jamming Network
A self regulating system of detectors and jammers is constantly on alert and adjusts the transmission power of the decentralized jamming units in such way that cellphones inside of the prison compound are jammed efficiently, without generating inter-ference on the outside.
The system can be programmed to automatically uphold special noise levels inside and outside of the compound. First and foremost this means that a labor and cost intensive readjustment of the system is not required and that the whole system is independent from external changes e.g. new base stations or amended output power of these base stations, weather conditions and infrastructural changes inside and outside of the prison compound.