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Robot compatible RCIEDD Jammer
HP’s T-Series was developed for small tactical units and EOD teams, which require flexibility and agility in the field. The system uses HP’s Direct Digital Synthesis Sweep and dedicated software to maximize its effectiveness.
This robust jamming system enables the operator to swiftly program the unit using a Windows®-based laptop or USB stick, to adapt to any given threat scenario. While being bulkier and heavier than other jamming systems from the T-Series, this unit offers more protection as it covers a wider frequency range than its smaller counterparts and is maneuverable via robot (e.g. tEODor).
Another asset is the modular build that allows for easy maintenance and future upgrades.

  • 20-2500 MHz or 6 user selected channels (20-6000MHz)
  • Modular Build
  • Li-Po Battery
  • Remote Control
  • Tactical Timer
  • Robot Compatible